In 2014, Makassed set up Ward Al Makassed, the first community development center of its kind in Kaskas, Beirut.

Ward Al Makassed empowers underprivileged women and youth with the much needed skills and vocational trainings to effect change within their communities. It encourages using local resources in a way that enhances economic outcomes while improving social conditions.

As a part of the ongoing enhancement of the Ward Al Makassed Center and its services, Makassed is planning to launch Ward Al Makassed online shop in July 2021 in order to support the center’s workers and allow them to market and sell their products online.

The e-shop will include various products such as food like ready-made and frozen foods, sandwiches, sweets such as cakes, chocolate, and Maamoul. In addition to artisanal products like customized sewed designs clothing and accessories.